Paramour Lipsticks

Paramour lipsticks are mineral based for a silky feel. They have their own moisturizer to keep your lips from drying up and a very rich pigment to give you a great popping color that stays all day!

Anita - Cherry Pop (640x640)
IMG_6564 (427x640)

 Cherry Pop

Cherry Pops (640x427)
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2013-09-10_13-25-21 (640x428)
Anne  -Hot Pink (640x640)
IMG_8362 (427x640)

Hot Pink

Hot Pink (640x427)
IMG_0344 (427x640)
Sheilah wearing Hot Pink Paramour Lipstick
IMG_8451 (640x380)
IMG_9623 (427x640)

Moulin Rouge

Moulin Rouges (640x427)
IMG_7365 (427x640)
photo (469x313)
2013-09-10_12-47-21_1 (640x413)

Sugar Plum

Sugar Plum (640x427)
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2013-09-10_13-36-59_1 (428x640)


IMG_6740 (427x640)
2013-09-10_13-37-17_1 (428x640)

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